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Our Team

Administration and Office Staff

Name Title
Cory Albrecht Principal
Matt Tripp Assistant Principal
Jolene Metcalfe  Administrative Assistant
Angie Carlson  Administrative Assistant


Name Subject
Wendy Atkinson Math, Social Studies, Physical Education, Sport Performance, Soccer 
Marv Babiuk Physical Education, Science, Outdoor Pursuits, Sports Performance
Charlene Barr Math, Science, Mad Science, Multimedia Studies
Matt Biollo Math, Physical Education, Recreation Academy, Baseball
Melissa Brown-Allnutt Language Arts, French, Cheerleading
Mitch Buffie
Language Arts, Social Studies, Outdoor Pursuits, Driver Training 
 Ashley Cummins  Social Studies, Science, Photography, Technology, Drivers Training
Mike Fiorillo Hockey Academy
Carly Folk  Language Arts, Social Studies, Cheerleading
Derek Heale Math, Phys Ed, Recreation Academy
Jolea Henker Math, Art, Learning Supports Facilitator 
Kim Knoll Science, Phys Ed, Recreation Academy
MyVahna Malbon Language Arts, Drama, Creative Writing 
Angus MacDonald Social Studies, Physical Ed, Hockey Academy
Ben Mackay Social Studies, Foods, Fit for Life, Sports Performance
Scott Mackay Math, Foods
Ryan Polny Pursuit Program - Math & Science, Industrial and Digital Arts
Rhonda Surmon Language Arts, Social Studies, Leadership, Academic Coaching
Deb Rivet Science, Physical Education, Recreation Academy, Mad Science 
 Jami Rouault Science, Academic Coaching, Marine Bio, Military History
Tim Russell Math, Science, Recreation Academy, Driver Training
Mark Samuel Pursuit Program - Language Arts & Social Studies, Books and Film, Drama, Technology
Andrew Wiens Science, Marine Biology
Julie Wilkes Language Arts, Photography, Learning Supports Facilitator 

Support Staff

Name Title
Laura Anderson  Educational Assistant 
Linda Bland Educational Assistant
Brenden Day Educational Assistant
Amie Faulkner Educational Assistant
Heidi Hovis
Educational Assistant
Kate Peppinck
ASL Interpreter
Sykora Thorton
Recreation Academy Assistant
Danny Rose
Educational Assistant
Hazel Weaver
Educational Assistant


William D. Cuts Junior High School