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Recreation Academy

The Recreation Academy provides students with an opportunity to explore a wide range of activities that go well beyond the typical school experience.  This program will provide quality experiences for all students; exposing them to a rich and dynamic scope of indoor and outdoor experiences.  This program is geared to any and all individuals who want to be active and experience new and unique sports and challenges.

Students in this program will be off site three afternoons every week.  

Some examples of activities students will participate in include:
- Scuba Diving
- Snorkeling
- Canoeing/Kayaking
- Racquet Sports
- Wilderness Training
- Wall and Ice Climbing
- Mountain Biking
- Ice Sports


If you want to join the Rec Program, you first need to register at the school and apply to the Rec Program. Click here to register for Rec.


Students will be charged a monthly fee of $150 for the Recreation Academy.   

This fee covers the cost of busing students to and from activity venues and covers the cost of the activities.

Students that live outside of our catchment area will have access to busing to and from school, but will be charged the district cost for transportation.

Check out the Rec Academy Virtual Open House!

Recreation Academy Staff

Coordinator: Mr. Derek Heale
Teaching Staff: Mrs. Fong & Mr. Biollo
Additional Support Staff: Graeme Scott
William D. Cuts Junior High School