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Acceptance into the Academy will not be confirmed until the non-refundable deposit of $230.00 is remitted with your child’s registration. The first month’s payment of $240.00 (due September 1) will be withheld for withdrawal from the Academy once the student is accepted into the program.

During “Registration Week” in September, regular school fees must be paid in full.
Academy Monthly installments of $240.00

Student-athletes will not receive their apparel package or any essential documents until the first installment is made.
**If the first installment is not paid by September 15th the student may be excluded from the Academy program until the payment has been made.


Date Cost Date Cost
At Registration $230.00 (non-refundable deposit) January 1 $240.00
September 1 $240.00 February 1 $240.00
October 1 $240.00 March 1 $240.00
November 1 $240.00 April 1 $240.00
December 1 $240.00 May 1 $240.00

A portion of the Academy fees are determined by expenses incurred for advance booking of facilities, staffing, transportation and activities. Early withdrawal from the Academy may result in administrative charges to cover the student’s portion of these expenses. Such charges will be pro-rated and determined on an individual basis.

Sir George Simpson student fees will be discussed with families.

William D. Cuts Junior High School