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The academy will welcome hockey players of all abilities and will offer a dual track developmental model for both elite and developmental student-athletes. This will be accomplished by: challenging each student, individualizing certain lesson plans, and providing personal-pace development for each player. Student-athletes will also be exposed to multiple coaches coaches who work on all fundamental skills, be introduced to multiple sports and activities, and learn key life skills.

On Ice: The focus on the ice is total hockey skill development: skating, shooting, passing, puck handling, offensive and defensive tactics, position specific teaching, goal scoring, and positioning on the ice. This will be taught by running high level intensity on-ice sessions designed to develop all of the hockey player’s fundamental skills. No Hockey Team systems will be taught. Student-athletes can focus on their individual skill development in order to enhance their growth as hockey players so that they contribute to their club teams and their team’s coach. We desire to work with a player’s club team and its coach and wish to enhance each player’s own personal development and growth as a hockey player.

Off Ice: To become a successful hockey player and to enhance a player’s on-ice skill development, the off-ice training component must be taken seriously. Players must be dedicated to the off-ice sessions in order to grow and develop, and to improve sports performance. There will be one off-ice session per week, it will expose the students to multiple sports in the hopes that student’s will recognize the benefits of training different aspects of the body and the correlation of skills in different sports to the game of hockey.
The main components of the off-ice sessions are:

Multi-Sport Exposure/Fitness: testing, flexibility, plyometrics, strength, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, cross training, and speed and agility. As well as, multi-sport exposure (Curling, badminton, soccer, football, lacrosse, etc.)

Mental Training: goal setting, relaxation, visualization, imagery, focusing, leadership, and self-awareness.

Health/Physical Education: nutrition, team building, guest speakers, fitness/wellness, sports injuries, yoga, and other sports.

Fun: Remember, this is also meant to be a fun experience for students and some activities are booked with that in mind.

William D. Cuts Junior High School