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Our Mission

Priority #1

Has to be development. This is in the form of personal growth and development, hockey development, and educational development. We want each student-athlete to grow in terms of being responsible and accepting one’s own level of accountability, to improve each student’s individual skill and talent level; as well as their understanding of the game, and to achieve academic success in the classroom.

Priority #2

Commitment to the sport of hockey and to the academy hockey program. To provide the best environment for the improvement of on-ice hockey skills, a high level of commitment and dedication, focusing on excellence and execution, must be made by each student-athlete. The objective is to see improvement in each individual’s own hockey skills and talents.

Priority #3

There must be a certain level of enjoyment and satisfaction for each student-athlete. This clearly translates into everyone having “fun.” It is important to remember that, for how important we think this sport of hockey is to us – it still remains a game, of which we are privileged to be a part.

Priority #4

Image. It must be seen as a privilege to participate in this hockey academy – not an entitlement. This is a unique opportunity and expectations are to put forth a positive student-athlete image; in the school, in the community, at the facilities we use, and with the student’s club team. Image considerations are: character, pride, discipline, and work ethic.

There is a difference between having Character and being a Character; and we must know that difference, and when each may be appropriate.

William D. Cuts Junior High School