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Name Email Role
Christine Dibben christine.dibben@spschools.org Principal
Scott Gibson Dodd scott.gibsondodd@spschools.org Assistant Principal
Administrative Assitants
Killips, Wendy wendy.killips@spschools.org Administrative Assistant
Metcalfe, Jolene jolene.metcalfe@spschools.org Administrative Assistant
Brown, Jacqueline jacqueline.brown@spschools.org School Counsellor, L.A, REC
Atkinson, Wendy wendy.atkinson@spschools.org Math, Social Studies, Fitness, Outdoor Pursuits, Technology
Babiuk, Marv marvin.babiuk@spschools.org Phys. Ed, Science, Outdoor Pursuits
Barr, Charlene charlene.barr@spschools.org Math, Science
Bertsch, Stephanie stephanie.bertsch@spschools.org Social Studies, Language Arts, Phys. Ed
Biollo, Matt matt.biollo@spschools.org Math, Phys. Ed, Outdoor Pursuits, Leadership
Brown-Allnutt, Melissa melissa.brown-allnutt@spschools.org LA, French, Cheer, Academic Coaching
Burnet, Stacie stacie.burnet@spschools.org L.A, Phys. Ed, Fashion, Girls Empowered, Academic Coaching
Demuynck, Brian brian.demuynck@spschools.org Band, Guitar, Academic Coaching
Dobson, Lauren lauren.dobson@spschools.org Math, Social Studies
Fiorillo, Mike mike.fiorillo@spschools.org Hockey Academy
Heale, Derek derek.heale@spschools.org L.A, Math, Fitness, REC
Ishaq, MyVahna myvahna.ishaq@spschools.org Language Arts, Drama
MacDonald, Angus angus.macdonald@spschools.org Social, Phys. Ed, Outdoor Pursuits, Academic Coaching
Mackay, Scott scott.mackay@spschools.org Social Studies, Foods
Nichol, Kelsey kelsey.nichol@spschools.org Language Arts, Social Studies, Graphic Design
Polny, Ryan ryan.polny@spschools.org IDA
Rivet, Deb deborah.rivet@spschools.org Science, Phys. Ed, Mad Science, Sports Performance, Fit for Life
Wiens, Andrew andrew.wiens@spschools.org Science, Social, Military History
Wilkes, Julie julie.wilkes@spschools.org Language Arts, Leadership, Graphic Design
Witschen, Kevin kevin.witschen@spschools.org Science, Phys. Ed, REC, Academic Coaching
Educational Assistant
Aldred, Alex alex.aldred@spschools.org Hockey Academy
Bateman, Katherine katherine.bateman@spschools.org Teacher Aide
Bland, Linda linda.bland@spschools.org Teacher Aide, Cheer
Bodtcher, Jeaneva jeaneva.bodtcher@spschools.org Teacher Aide
Borlase, Gloria gloria.borlase@spschools.org Teacher Aide
Hovis, Heidi heidi.hovis@spschools.org Teacher Aide, Kitchen
Le Riche, Alex alexandra.leriche@spschools.org Teacher Aide, REC
Weaver, Hazel hazel.weaver@spschools.org Teacher Aide
Support Staff
Clark, Sherri sherri.clark@spschools.org Sign Language Interpretor
Stelmaschuk, Lil lil.stelmaschuk@spschools.org Librarian
To report an absence, email wdcuts@spschools.org and please provide a contact number you can be reached at.
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