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School Start up Information

We are so excited to have students back at school on Tuesday, September 3rd. 

A few key piece of information

Students should plan to arrive on the 1st day between 8:15 and 8:30. 

Staff will be waiting to greet students and to provide students with the name and room number of their homeroom teachers.

Students will receive their full schedule for the year from their homeroom teacher. 

Students are welcome to bring all of their supplies on the first day of school.  At a minimum, students should have a binder, paper, pens and pencils on day one.  

School pictures will be taken on the first day of school so come dressed to impress!

If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 780-458-8585.  Thank you!!


Welcome to W.D. Cuts Junior High

William D. Cuts is a small Junior High School and we are proud of our many accomplishments. Our standing tradition of excellent results on Provincial Achievement Exams is a product of our very strong academic focus.  Well-rounded students are developed by our diverse option programs. It is in our safe and caring environment that the small size of our school exhibits its true strength; our staff knows their students well and each student receives individual attention based on their needs and strengths.

2018-2019 yearly Calendar and Supply List


We Believe:

William D. Cuts creates a connection between our school, families, and community.  We motivate our students to learn, grow, and become responsible global citizens.

We achieve this through the following core values:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Individual Passions
  • Innovation in the Classroom
  • Mutual Respect and Shared Accountability


Balance your day the W. D. Cuts Way!

Taking advantage of our status as a small school, W.D. Cuts is pleased to be the only junior high program in St. Albert to offer a completely academic morning with the afternoon devoted to options and advisory classes. This innovative and unique scheduling program is tailored to the needs of young adolescents, providing academic instruction during optimal learning time along with a flexible afternoon, balancing school expectations with personal interests.

Academic Mornings (Language Arts, Math, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies)

  • Optimal learning
  • Consistent schedule- same core classes every day
  • Focused morning environment
  • By lunch time, academic expectations and homework are known to students

Options Afternoons

  • More field trip opportunities
  • Easier access to community facilities
  • Weekly advisory class- focused on healthy living, learning strategies, and study skills
  • Flexible timetable- customized to individual student needs and special circumstances


Bussing available for all Athletic Academy students

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